Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Assalamualaikum and Hello to everyone,

I hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims and Muslimahs out there "Ramadan Al Mubarak". We would like to post about us on a very special spiritual journey to Makkah Al Mukarramah last April.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... Lets start with our preparation, we've planned for this trip quite some time but Thank You Allah for made it happen. We're not alone this time, we went with quite a big group; almost more than 250 people... Budgetcouple on A BIG GROUP plus another 4 good friends of ours.

We chose Tabung Haji Travels & Tours this time around and guess what?! We're lucky enough to have the most wanted Ustaz with us for the 13days trip; Ustaz Don Danial Don Biyajid. Alhamdulillah another rezeki from Allah swt.

Faizal was very nervous because this is his first time to Tanah Haram; second time for Anna. Actually to tell you the truth; being invited to Baitullah is something that challenges you mentally and physically. Alhamdulillah, after being granted a visa just a week before the departure date has made us going "berdebar-debar, it shows how much sins you've commited. Maklumlah kita ni semua manusia, kan? Tak dapat lari dari buat silap.

On the departure day itself, after we had a chance to meet personally Ustaz Don has made the journey even special. To tell you guys the truth, I couldn't hide my excitement when TH Travels told us that Ustaz Don will be our motivator. Dah agak salah dah nawaitu tu..He he he...Astagfirullahal adzim.

Tapi when we realized that wasn't our main reason to go; it actually made the journey so amazingly beautiful until I couldn't stop crying when I stepped inside the Masjidilharam...Subhanallah..there goes Ustaz Don, it is between us and Allah now.

Since we arrived quite late almost 11.00 at night; after 8hours flight plus airport to hotel it made the journey even tiring but the ihram that we're wearing has kept the spirit going. We went straight away to & perform our Umrah till almost Subuh. Our first umrah was kelam kabut I guess...we're separated during the tawaf but with Allah's will we managed to perform Sa'ie together. I always like this quote "Ketika kita sudah tiada sesiapa, Allah itu sudah lebih dari cukup". It's true, I was alone during tawaf and I believed Allah has helped me to find Faizal back. Subhanallah... After almost 3hours.

We decided to stay for Subuh prayer and went back to hotel (Hotel As Shohadah) and sleep. Amazingly 2hours sleep has made us fully charged. Kalau kat Malaysia dah kantoi la tu

Day 2

The next was Friday, and I got a chance to Sembahyang Jumaat which is unusual for the ladies in Malaysia. It was so packed till me and my female friend, Mariana had to perform our prayers at the basement which has become our favourite spot. There is always a hikmah behind every incident.

Apabila dapat tahu setiap kali umat Islam bertawaf mengelilingi Baitullah, di ketika yang sama juga para malaikat melakukan perkara yang sama di Arasy...Wallahu' alam...Hati merasa sayu yang teramat sangat, kenapalah kami mengambil masa yang agak lama untuk datang ke mari. Since that day, both of us promised ourselves to save some fund to go again or even better to be called as Jemaah Haji...InsyaAllah...Our routine was so special until we only managed to sleep around 2,3 hours a day but we didn't feel exhausted....Macamana tu?

Those who have a chance to go, do Tawaf Sunat as much as you can because every corner of Baitullah has a special doa for it...Can you imagine, antara Rukun Yamani dan Hajarul Aswad, doa akan diaminkan oleh 70malaikat, MasyaAllah bayangkan kalau setiap kali kita melepasinya...

Day 3

Before our 2nd umrah; they brought us to visit some of the special places that we should know like Jabal Thur, Jabal Rahmah, Padang Arafah, Mina, Mudzalifah dan terakhir di Ja'ranah untuk bermiqat. This time around our umrah was at noon; it was hot but more calm because there're not that pack compared to that first night. Today; Faizal shaved his head and everyone thinks he looks like Ustaz Akil Hayy, ye ke?

That night we perform our tawaf sunat and with Allah's will me and Faizal managed to sembahyang sunat tawaf right at the multazam, i was crying after the solah and thankful to Allah for giving us to see Baitullah that close...

Day 4

Jalan-Jalan Suburkan Iman was our activity for the day. I must say this, TH Travels has a group of very informative, knowlegdeable and helpful muttawif that never left us behind. We're on Group 7 conducted by Ustaz Sobri; this is his first time being a muttawif. Apalah nasib dia kena dengan kerenah the six of us. Dalam banyak cerita semasa aktiviti ni, yang paling best bila Ustazah Yusnah mengajak kita untuk bayangkan setiap peristiwa yang terjadi di setiap tempat yang kami lawati.

Paling terkesan adalah kedudukan rumah kelahiran Rasullullah SAW dan rumah Siti Khadijah, ustazah mengajak kami bayangkan saat-saat itu, dari kecil sehinggalah beliau berkahwin. Masya Allah, airmata memang tak dapat ditahan-tahan. Faizal masa ni dah start demam dan tidak turut serta. Kami sempat ke perkuburan Ma'la, tapak Masjid Kucing, Majid Jin dan beberapa lagi. Yang paling istimewa kami sempat kirimkan poskad untuk keluarga di Malaysia. Tapi sampainya lambat, dah sampai Malaysia baru sampai...Ish ish...

Ok, macamana so far? Ok tak our post this time? I'll continue the rest of the trip on next post. Stay tuned and doakan kami cepat cepat update story...

Thank you for reading and Assalamualaikum...