Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Teh Botol by Sasro

Teh Botol by Sasro
The bottle design itself is classic. Reminssance of the old Coca-cola's bottle. Lots of street vendors and shop selling it. So, you can't get it out of your sight but to try it for yourself what the taste like..

Enak Banget!

* This is our impression after having a Teh Botol.. with the background song "The Impression That I Get" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones playing in our heads.. Hehehe.

Slurp!!.. Whoa! Enak Banget.. and it straight away become my favourite. So, whenever i feel thirsty or having my lunch or dinner, at least one bottle of Teh Botol is a must. They also have it in Tetra-pack but i feel the bottle pack taste better. I'm not sure whether can find it in Kuala Lumpur but if it sell here, i'm sure gonna buy. For your information, they even beat the sales of Coca-cola in Indonesia. So, whenever you in Indonesia and bump into Teh Botol. Try it.. you might end up hate it or get addicted to it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jalan-jalan di Bandung

Mutiara Hotel, BandungMutiara Hotel, BandungMutiara Hotel, Bandung
After having heavy breakfast at the hotel, we are ready to venture our 2nd day with full energy.
Why heavy breakfast? Cos we are going to Pasar Baru, bangunan 6 tingkat yang menempatkan pelbagai jenis kain ela, tudung, telekung, kebaya, kasut, barang kelengkapan haji & umrah, kerepek, hiasan rumah, hasil kraf dan etc,etc...

Pasar Baru, BandungPasar Baru, BandungPasar Baru, BandungPasar Baru, Bandung
Pasar Baru dibuka seawal jam 9 pagi. So, kalau siapa yang ingin bershopping sakan, baik datang awal sebab orang masih tidak ramai dan boleh 2-3 kali ulang ke kedai yang anda berkenan. Juga terdapat pasar basah yang menjual pelbagai jenis sayur-sayuran dan daging yang terletak ditingkat bawah.

Pasar Baru, Bandung
Jeng..Jeng..Jeng!... and here's the result after spending about few hours ..

From Pasar Baru, we continue our journey to Jalan Cihampelas or famously known as "Jean Street". You can see a giant replica of Superman, Spiderman, X-Men and Rambo once you get here. A lot of custom made jeans, leather goods, printed t-shirt, metal accessories, toys, snacks and etc,etc.. selling here. Even brownies..

Jalan Cihampelas, BandungJalan Cihampelas, BandungTattoo man selling toysJalan Cihampelas, BandungBrownies kukus
Brownies jual kat gerai tepi jalan!!.. This my first reaction when i saw it. I really love brownies. Seeing them selling it openly, put me in a doubt. Can the taste be as good as the one selling at Starbucks or any other cafes?  I took a bite and the taste...Yummy!!. (i bought 2 box and is nicely pack). Kartika Sari Brownies Kukus is the product that only sold in Bandung. It's delicious especially when it's hot and new. Watch for expiring date when you buy it. (It's good for one week but if you  put inside a refrigerator and keep it warp, it'll last longer)

Rifle ?!
Tapi yang paling best ialah mereka jual Air Rifle secara terbuka(diguna untuk menembak burung) dan boleh dicuba jika anda berminat.. Is it's legal to sell? Yes! the guy said  cos the measurement is not exceeding the REAL Rifle.. Hmm..

Rambo at Cihampelas?
*In a wake of a new millennium heroes and comic superheroes, Sly Stallone "Rambo" legacy still alive and kicking at Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung. Hmm..any chances for Rambo part 5?

Bandung memang terkenal dengan Distro (Distribution Store). The shop that distribute indie labels & publishing like clothing, music, shoes, magazine, collectibles & limited stuff. There are about 200 distros in Bandung and UNKL347 is one of the famous store. They are considered pioneer for bringing the underground clothing scene to the mainstream market and has open a branch outside Indonesia. For more info on UNKL347, click here.

We end our shopping journey in Bandung at another factory outlets - Heritage and Cascade. (Well i guessed you already know what's inside ya)... 

Heritage, BandungCascadeThe Cascade, Bandung
So, after dropkan barang-barang shopping kat hotel, we all go out for makan. This time at Kampung Daun. We thought it was just another makan place macam kat area Kampung Baru.. Ternyata salah!! 

Kampung Daun, BandungKampung Daun
Like Naili's Place at Sentul but this one.. Wonderful!. The place was beautiful, breathtaking with the sound of nature, waterfall and great ambiance. You have to experience yourself and i'm sure you'll love it.
*Click here for more info about Kampung Daun.. Sorry, the pictures a bit blurred due to the cameraman got too excited.

The BudgetCouple

*Me and my wife - feeling romantic with the ambiance and suddenly the song "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure playing in my head... hehe!

Oh yeah.. a bit info on the hotel we stayed.. (whopps!.. sorry, it’s suppose to be mentioned earlier.) Mutiara Hotel is located at Jalan Kebon Kawung, the nearest hotel to the Bandung train station (10 mins by walk) and 15 mins trip from Bandung Airport by car.

Jalan Kebon Kawung, BandungMutiara Hotel, BandungJalan Kebon Kawung, Bandung
We like the hotel interior cause it has that classic old look, greenery and relaxing environment. The room? It has all your basic needs – Bed, Shower, TV, air-con, swimming pool and the best part is, the hotel is near to the Kartika Sari Brownies Outlet (the brownies we mentioned earlier). You can have it freshly baked and best ole-ole to bring home. 

For more info and details, type on Google search “Mutiara Hotel Bandung”.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terbang ke Bandung

Read or sleep?
It was a 2 hours flight from KL to Bandung. Boring gak bila tak bawak Ipod, takkan nak tidur aje. Nasib baik ada in-flight magazine, bolehlah baca little bit info on Indonesia.

*Picture taken by Anna - as she's bored doing nothing too.

Bandung Airport
Weather pun nice..panas-panas dingin. Kelihatan para penumpang bergegas menuju imigresen, hmm.. mesti tak sabar nak shopping ni. All of us too...hehe!

Oh ya, actually we're travelling with 5 of our friends and her mom. Ain first time naik kapal terbang (not her mom..ya) but she handled it great.. Horray!! to Ain..

Bandung AirportBandung Airport
After check-in at Mutiara Hotel, without further delay we all headed for makan. Apalagi Nasi Padang la.. This is one of Indonesia famous for.. and our first destination lepas makan is Rumah Mode, one of many factory outlets in Bandung. This place offers designers' good such as Calvin Klein, GAP, Guess, OshKosh B'Gosh and etc,etc.. 

Welcome statue, Rumah ModeRumah Mode, BandungRumah Mode
It's spoilt for choices and no wonder people from Jakarta going to Bandung on weekend for shopping. Along the way, there are many other factory outlets (House of Donatello, Natural, Episode, Distro House and etc,etc..). Just prepare to bring out the money from your pocket..

We end our first day at Bandung's lastest mall -
Paris Van Java at Jalan Sukajadi. Since our energy level pun dah tinggal beberapa percent aje, we just grabbed a donut and enjoying the view. The mall's interior is beautiful and relaxing..

Inside Paris Van Java MallParis Van Java Mall, Bandung

J.CO Donut at Paris Van Java
*stay tuned for our 2nd day in Bandung

Let's Fly Away

Hi Everyone..
Travel is what we both love doing.
For the last 4 years it get more addicted.
Thanks to the cheap flight tickets & online travel booking & guides.

So, check us out on our next posting...