Monday, March 29, 2010

Hari Ulangtahun Perkahwinan yang ke 8

Dah 2 minggu tak update blog, bukan apa belum ada story yang best untuk dikongsi... Akhirnya setelah hampir 2 bulan planning, today we'll be flying to Hong Kong and Macau. This time cuba naik Cathay Pacific, sebab kosnya lebih murah dari Air Asia and no extrassssssssss...

Kitaorang sepatutnya pergi last November, tapi ada hal yang tak dapat dielakkan, terpaksa cancel dengan Air Asia, frust jugaklah tiket burn, tapi nasib baik dapat tiket murah masa tu...Itu lah kalau terpaksa plan awal..kalau tak, tak dapat pulak tiket murah.

Jadi untuk menjimatkan kos, we're gonna stay kat hostel 4 malam je, cause tomorrow night sampai kitaorang stay kat airport dulu, he..he..nak budget la katakan...Hopefully, they allow us to do that...(research says ok!). Our cost so far: Flight tix: RM1400 (2 pax), Hostel RM448 (2 pax), jadinya, RM924 seorang for 6days, 4 nights (eh..macamana tu?!,)

Don't worry, balik nanti kitaorang story dengan lebih detail. For now, nice weekdays, work smart, and travel hard. He..he...

Happy 8th Anniversary, B!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1st & not the last Garage Sale @ Putrajaya...

Woohooo! We made it! One of our dreams!!! Last weekend we had our first garage sale @ our house in Putrajaya. The crowd was good, even though only 60-70% turned up. Tapi puas hati sebab jualan menggalakkan, he..he.. Actually, we wanted to do this kind of thing dah lama, it's just belum sampai masa yang sesuai...

We would like to thank to all our family members, neighbours and friends for their support and hoping it'll be another garage sale. Next time we'll invite all of you out there and we'll make sure we have enough stuff to browse. Ok, here some photos from the garage sale, tak sempat nak posing lebih...agak busy la jugak.

Garage Sale @ PutrajayaGarage Sale @ PutrajayaGarage Sale @ Putrajaya
Garage Sale @ PutrajayaGarage Sale @ PutrajayaGarage Sale @ Putrajaya
Ok guys, insyaAllah end of this month, Faizal and I will be flying to Hong Kong and Macau for our Ulang Tahun Perkahwinan yang ke 8 (cepat nyer masa berlalu...). Tapi still pergi cara budget backpackers la...

Any tips, places to eat and to visit, please share with us... Walaupun dah buat research, tapi kalau real experience lagi bagus, kan?

Bye for now!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a weekend...

Wow! Cepat betul masa berlalu dan after two weeks from our hassle and bustle grand opening of Bazaar @ Maeps, finally we’ve found time to update this blog.

Alhamdulillah, the event went on successfully even though, there’re problem with tents, electric & power supply plus hot weather and unsuspected thunderstorm. (By the way, our stall remain “bergelap” for the whole evening). The crowds were encouraging besides clashing date with another big event, Wow! Putrajaya. Not as what we’re expected but it managed to attract some new visitors besides our regular. Thumbs up to the organizer for their efforts and hopefully it will be improved in the coming years.

BudgetCouple @ Bazaar MaepsOur Stall @ Bazaar MaepsOur Stall @ Bazaar MaepsOur Stall @ Bazaar MaepsOur Stall @ Bazaar Maeps
If you’re looking for a different kind of night market rather than your typical and so predictable uptown & downtown market, come to Bazaar @ Maeps. Introducing the concept of Flea market & Carboot Sales which are popular in countries like UK, Australia and United States. It is divided into several categories like pakaian & aksesori, barangan am, karaoke sessions, makanan & minuman, unwanted household & collectibles items (ala-ala Pasar Karat in Ipoh and Penang). So, pada para pengemar barang-barang rare & collectibles in Klang Valley, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya, this is the new place in town, to cater your needs other than your usual Shah Alam and Amcorp Mall market.

Collectibles @ Bazaar MaepsCollectibles @ Bazaar MaepsCollectibles @ Bazaar MaepsCollectibles @ Bazaar MaepsCollectibles @ Bazaar Maeps
Here are some of the traders personal collectible items specially brought as showcase for this special event.

*Bazaar @ Maeps opens from 4pm till 1am every Saturday and for more info, please click here and here.

By the way, last weekend we had a break from carbootsales, instead we celebrated Fateehah (our niece) 6th birthday. She had a blast with her wonderful castle cake plus her favorite pink balloons. She has grown up to be a very nice girl.

Fateehah's 6th BirthdayFateehah's 6th BirthdayFateehah & Razeeman
Plus, the next day we’re celebrating my uncle’s birthday in Port Dickson. You guys should check this place out, Legend International Water Homes. Every room has their own pool. Bestnye! Pakai kain batik pun boleh…he..he.. If I’m not mistaken they’re having promotion right now! Click here.

Legend Intl' Water Homes, P.DicksonLegend Intl' Water Homes, P.DicksonLegend Intl' Water Homes, P.DicksonLegend Intl' Water Homes, P.DicksonLegend Intl' Water Homes, P.Dickson
BudgetCouple @ Port DicksonSayfullah & Zarrah shoesSayfullah @ The BeachFaizal & SayfullahIt's Football time...
All right guys! That’s all for now!