Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go to the Land Down Under...


Lama jugak rasanya tak bercerita ni.. As for us, busy sikit dengan car boot sales.. If you guys have free time hujung minggu, bolehlah berkunjung ke Bazaar@Maeps, Mardi Serdang.

Anyway, H1N1 nampaknya belum reda lagi... ditambah lagi dengan kejadian bom di Jakarta, nampaknya makin terhad la tempat nak dilawati ni... Yes it is true.. places are disappearing. Since kitaorang dah plan this trip about 2-3 months ago, so we decided to go on with the plan and we pray to Allah hoping everything goes well for us.

At this moment, we are trying to take precautions by consuming lots of vitamins, healthy diet and maybe..maybe.. Influenza jap. You guys maybe wondering..where are we going? Okay, officially...we going to Australia for 2 weeks (12days). Budget this time so far:-

Flights Airasia KL-Gold Coast, Melbourne- KL RM1800(2 person)
Hostels Goldcoast, Sydney & Melbourne RM1100(2 person)
Trains from Goldcoast-Sydney-Melbourne RM1050(2 person)

Total so far: RM3950, jadinya seorang RM1975, ok tak?

Makan + shopping2 + jalan2 tak masuk lagi...tengah budgeting..he..he...

Australia Guide BooksAC/DC Collectibles
(*Salam Takziah buat keluarga pengarah filem, Yasmin Ahmad yang kembali ke rahmatullah... Al Fatihah).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tertawan watak Simpsons.

Woohuuuu!!! Faizal is on the news! Now it's his turn. Still wondering?! Actually, Kosmo! did it again. Don't get us wrong.. We are not looking for any publicity or anything.. It is just for sharing the hobby. Thank you again to Adham, Azrul (nice shots!) and Kosmo!

Faizal on Kosmo!Faizal on Kosmo!
Those who have read it, i'm sure they know what am i talking about. For those who're not Kosmo! readers, it's about Faizal collecting The Simpsons merchandise. We both love The Simpsons, as for me..I started loving it when I was in Form Three (wow! It's been a while...) and Faizal for the last 10 years. We managed to expand this hobby together. From collecting the DVDs to household, making our hobby one kind of adventure. It is not easy to get the merchandise here since there is no official store around. Mostly, we got it from relatives living abroad, friends who're traveling and of course ourselves by online shopping or while traveling. 

The Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectibles
Still wonder how we're on the news, again?! Hmmmm..... It began with our first interview with Kosmo! Both of us were so talkative during the interview, we did mention about our hobbies, besides traveling. I guess the rest is history... I am sure there a lot of people out there have different kind of hobbies, maybe haven't got their chance to say it loud it. As for us, it is a bonus. Thank you again to Kosmo!

Next week we'll be sharing our preparation for next backpack. See ya!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recycle, UnWanted Goods & Car Boot Sales

Hello all,
Yesterday we were at Car boot Sales in Maeps, MARDI Serdang (where they do MAHA exhibition). Doesn't sound traveling, does it? 

Our stall - Bazaar@MaepsOur stall - Bazaar@Maeps
We were there to sell our personal items such as magazines, CDs, jeans, clothes and our own collection of posters. The organizer wanted the place to be The Biggest Car Boot Sale. Yes, the place is big and there're many vendors selling all sort of items. But... what they're lack of is the meaning of Car Boot sales itself. In our opinion, Car boot sales involve selling items from the back of your car. In England, that is how they began. Car boot sales used to be a small gathering of people who filled the back of their cars with goods that they wanted to dispose of and set up a trading stall in the hope that they could make a few pennies from their unwanted goods. Car boot sales have now become big business. Think of them as an offline version of EBay. As for us yesterday, sorry to say.. it's look like a "pasar malam" a bit.

Bazaar@Maeps CarBoot SalesBazaar@Maeps CarBoot SalesBazaar@Maeps CarBoot SalesOur stall - Bazaar@MaepsOur stall - Bazaar@Maeps
As we're browsing yesterday, there're not many really understood the meaning of it (there're a few I should give them Thumbs Up!) For me, not them to be blamed. It is just not our culture to wear and appreciate 2nd hand goods. As we speak Go Green, Recycle and Reuse but we ourselves don't really into it. I must salute places like Cash Converters (link), Amcorp Mall Flea Market (for us, this is still the best place)(link), Alam Flora Recycle Centre (link) and a few others for helping us to appreciate and understand the concept of 2nd hand goods and recycling. Actually, we have been doing recycling for more than 5 years, collecting newspaper, magazine, plastic bottles from our families' home and workplace. Thank you to all our friends(even to my boss) and families who are helping and still helping us doing that. (Besides benefit the planet, it contributes a bit on our trip's budget...he...he.... no pain no gain).

Portobello MarketPortobello MarketMilton Keynes Car Boot SalesMilton Keynes Car Boot SalesFlea Market @ Alicante,SpainFlea Market @ Alicante,Spain
Anyway, that's okay, we're still going back there again next week. It is open from 3pm - 10.30pm every Saturday. Car boot sales can be great fun if you are a buyer or a seller. As with everything else in life you need to be selective and not buy something you don’t need, unless you want to have your own stall at this car boot sales next week! If you guys out there have something nice and useable, should give it a try. The rent is cheap and all you need to do is Open your car boot and you're on business. 

Our stall - Bazaar@MaepsOur stall - Bazaar@Maeps
Planning our next backpack in August, insyaAllah...  Stay Tuned!