Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crazy About HRC Pins

Hi, it has been weeks not to update the blog. Before I continue with 2nd part of our backpack USA story, I would like to share something here. What make us like to travel a lot besides being at the other part of the world? All the blame goes to my craving for Hard Rock Pins. This is my hobby not Faizal's. It all started when I was 17, travelled alone to UK to visit my auntie. I had not enough money then, to buy souvenirs for everyone back home.

Along the Portobello Market in London I saw many stalls selling fridge magnets, buttons and pins. The price was cheap, so I thought this is a good idea, and decided to buy a lot and gave away to all my friends. Since then, everytime I travel, those things will be on top of my list. But why Hard Rock cafe pins? As a typical traveller, you always find landmarks for places that you've been to, so HRC is perfect! As you've noticed every HRC has country/city name, right?! After all, they have my favourite thing, The Pins. The best part is, you don't have to buy all the pins, you can actually trade your city pin with others whether they are crew members or the collectors themselves. You will be surprised when you heard some of them travelled just to buy or trade their pins. some of the collectors have 5000 pins in their collection?!! Are you joking me?!!

Hard Rock Cafe pinsHard Rock Cafe pins
I always tell Faizal that I am a self-appointed ambassador for Malaysia, because every time you trade your city pin, they will ask questions... like where you are from, how's your city/country look like and the funny thing is, they always confused Kuala Lumpur as a country.. well this is when the ambassador starts talking..

My first HRC pin was HRC Paris, but I lost it, very sad... The addiction gets wild when I started as a HRC Pin Collectors member. Being into the same pool with the people around the world for the same addiction, it gets even better. Even earlier this year, we travelled to Japan for 8 days and managed to go to all 8 HRC cafes in Japan. Crazy huh?! Still, we went as budget travellers. We even attended Pinfest in Bangkok. Get the whole picture from our earlier post. This event is actually for pin members to gather and trade, buy or sell their pins. I thought I was crazy, them MADNESS. To be able to go to all 192 cafes is like the ultimate for this club members. While we're struggling to fullfil our dreams, the cheapest way so far is to trade pins among us. Even though I've never been to Hawaii, Kona or San Antonio yet, but I already have their pins. This is why we need this club as our platform to communicate with members around the world. Mine? not many yet.. but enough to keep me awake.

HRC OsakaHRC Tokyo RoppongiHRC Nagoya, 1st EnteranceHRC YokohamaHRC Uyeno EkiHRC Universal OsakaHRC FukokaHRC Narita
I've not captured enough to show all my collections but I have a few... If there is anyone else out there who shares the same interest please let me know, maybe we can do some trading.

HRC KL Relaunch pin

After all, that small little cute thing actually can spread a thousand word.

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