Monday, January 5, 2009

Late Arrival / Early Departure

Have you ever experienced this kind of situation? Finding a hotel at these odd hours? Not only it will be stretching your budget, but its time consuming! This is one of the reasons why certain travellers didn’t like to book an early or late flight..

But...would you ever considered sleeping in the airport? Without a room service, a comfy bed or a bathroom? For some travellers, this is a “no-no thing” or afraid they are not allowed to do it. Budget travellers (like us) see this as a thing to keep our expenses low and time catching. Actually, we’ve done it and here are a few tips from us…
  1. Some of the airport official might not allow you to do it, but you must be prepared with your travel document and itineraries.

  2. If you’ve decided to sleep in the airport, prepare some of these items to keep you company: inflatable pillow, alarm clock, ipod, jacket/blanket, toiletries and reading stuff (magazine/guidebooks).

  3. Cautions: take care of your belongings and never leave them unattended. It might freak them out… hehehe…

  4. Some of the airports have good facilities such as massage chairs, free internet & movies provider, pay shower room & restaurants. Make use of them.
Last but not least, you have options and reasons to do it. We like to share the idea and the rest is up to you. Why not let yourself experience this little “adventure” and who knows, it might be FUN…for your travelling story.

For more information, type on Google search “Sleeping in the airport”.
* Don’t be surprised, KLIA is on top 10 favourite airports and a 2007 Golden Pillow winner.

2 comments: said...

I think airport could be an option if transfering for early/late flights. Though it's hard to rest good in the airport, or usually expensive with airport facilities.

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Faizal and Anna said...

Yes i agree with you.. it's still an option after all. Do check out some "complimentary" facilities/services at certain airports. Thank you for visiting our blog.