Sunday, May 24, 2009

How much have we spent so far...

Okay.. Part II, i think this is the most essential part of backpacking...

We have received some questions on how much to spend, how much to carry, how much to budget and etc..etc..
Before that, we actually are no expert on these but we can share on how we budget the whole trip individually. First, after you have decided where and when to go, then you have to check on the currency rates. We always keep this website handy: Wawasan MoneyChanger (you might have one on your own). Don't book your tickets yet, especially country that requires a visa.

Lonely Planet Guide BookThai BahtSuvarnabhumi Airport, BangkokSoekarno Hatta Airport, JakartaAlicante, Spain
Biasanya, kami kira dulu berapa harga tiket kapal terbang, hotel, pengangkutan domestik, admission fee tempat2 yang nak dilawati dan harga makan sehari. Contohnya: Semasa kami di USA (sebabnya ramai yang kurang percaya on how we did it on USA trip), currency rate at that time was: RM3.50

Tiket kapalterbang: RM3300 seorang (MAS Travel Fair)
Domestic Flight (New York to Orlando to Memphis to Washington DC to New York) : USD300 seorang (, RM1050 each
Hotel/hostel: Orlando USD200, Memphis USD160, Washington DC. USD100, New York USD400, RM3010 dibahagi 2, RM1505each.(hostelworld/hostels/expedia).

So, keseluruhannya: RM5855, lebih kurang RM6000.

Admission fee, terpulang pada you guys punya plan. Macam kami, we spent on RM700 each for 2 days Disney & 2 days Universal Studios (mahal kan?! Tapi apa nak buat that's my childhood dream). We spent about USD20-USD30 per day per 2 person for makan-makan. (Itu ikat perut namanya..he..he.., lagipun bukan senang nak cari Halal food)
Duit makan, poket & shopping, we roughly counted as USD500 per state, so altogether USD2000 for 2 person.

Disneyland, OrlandoDisneyland, OrlandoBlues BrothersUniversal Studio, OrlandoDisney MGM, Orlando
Lagi satu, contoh di Jepun. Currency rate was 1000yen = RM30
Tiket kapalterbang: RM1900 seorang (Singapore Airlines).
Unlimited Shinkansen & train & buses: JR Rail Pass 28,600 yen per person, lebih kurang RM950 seorang.
Hotel/Hostels: Osaka(RM600), Tokyo(RM700) per 2 person(on our earlier post, I mentioned RM400 per night based on current rate) Semuanya RM1300 dibahagi 2 :RM650 per person.

Keseluruhan: RM3500 per person for 7 days.

J Hoppers OsakaJ Hoppers OsakaOsaka StationBento boxesNagoya

Anna's travel plan
Semua perbelanjaan kami di atas based on our trip, our own research from books/internet/reviews,(you guys should have seen how Anna scribble the plan on paper!) but if you guys can find cheaper than that, it's a bonus! Because being a backpacker, it's all about doing it yourself. So guys what are you waiting for? Feel like starting your own backpack? 

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
Have Fun on Globe Trekking!

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