Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tertawan watak Simpsons.

Woohuuuu!!! Faizal is on the news! Now it's his turn. Still wondering?! Actually, Kosmo! did it again. Don't get us wrong.. We are not looking for any publicity or anything.. It is just for sharing the hobby. Thank you again to Adham, Azrul (nice shots!) and Kosmo!

Faizal on Kosmo!Faizal on Kosmo!
Those who have read it, i'm sure they know what am i talking about. For those who're not Kosmo! readers, it's about Faizal collecting The Simpsons merchandise. We both love The Simpsons, as for me..I started loving it when I was in Form Three (wow! It's been a while...) and Faizal for the last 10 years. We managed to expand this hobby together. From collecting the DVDs to household, making our hobby one kind of adventure. It is not easy to get the merchandise here since there is no official store around. Mostly, we got it from relatives living abroad, friends who're traveling and of course ourselves by online shopping or while traveling. 

The Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectiblesThe Simpsons collectibles
Still wonder how we're on the news, again?! Hmmmm..... It began with our first interview with Kosmo! Both of us were so talkative during the interview, we did mention about our hobbies, besides traveling. I guess the rest is history... I am sure there a lot of people out there have different kind of hobbies, maybe haven't got their chance to say it loud it. As for us, it is a bonus. Thank you again to Kosmo!

Next week we'll be sharing our preparation for next backpack. See ya!!!


angah-irnie said...

yup... ahha i saw him on kosmo smlm! tp didnt mention psl usblogabout. smlm was like "ini faizal and anna yg biase i tgk kat blog tu ke??"

u guys have a wonderful life together!!

Faizal and Anna said...

Yup! It's me.. Thanks Angah-irnie.