Monday, October 19, 2009

Somethin' About Carboot Sales@Maeps...

Hai semua...

Today we have special edition post. It's not about travel, not about ourselves, it's about Carbootsales@Maeps. Since we started almost 4 months ago, I've seen a lot of improvement especially on management. The crowd is encouraging but due to Hari Raya and Deepavali celebrations, crowd wasn't that happening same goes to the sellers.

The good news is starting November, this place will be expanding to bigger area for Autosales, meaning you can sell or buy a car directly from the owner. Awesome!!! Actually, this place is still looking for vendors that can offer different kind of things to sell. For us, to please the crowd, we as sellers must come out with a lot of different ideas to sell things and how to decorate or set up the stall creatively. We have been to a few fleamarket/bazaar/carbootsales aboard and they always come out with something new and interesting. No wonder market@Portobello Road in London lasts for more than 100 years..

Forget about Carrara@Gold Coast, Chatuchak@Bangkok, Paddington Bazaar@Sydney,  Jalan Surabaya@Jakarta or Pasar Karat Lokin@Ipoh, we can just be like them if all the vendors/sellers stick together, be more discipline and play our role to promote this place. I'm sure one day, we can be as big as Shah Alam market or even bigger and better.

There is one thing I quite like it, the punch card system that has been introduced recently.. It's for vendors not to come "LATE and go back EARLY". Quite cute though!

For all of you guys out there who have never been to Carbootsales@Maeps should come and witness for yourself. There are a lot of stalls selling different kind of thing with affordable price. From clothes/shoes/accessories, secondhand goods, collectibles, toys, plants(herbs and deco), to unwanted household and not to forget tasty delicacies and the famous drink, Ice Blended! Plus free entertainment (karaoke) too! And also, you can have a moment of relaxation at the reflexology stall!

Coming soon attractions!!!! WiFi kopitiam, Pets and of course, CARs. Next to this place, there are go-kart and car drift track, plus other facilities such as washroom and surau. 

What are you waiting for?! Mark your calendar now! And even kids love it!

*For more info on carbootsales & fleamarket@maeps, please click here and here. You can watch it on Youtube too. (Stay tuned till end if you want to watch Faizal been interviewed... hehehe!)


Ili Saharudin said...

wow~one of this days kene singgah ni..insyallah if i were to go there..will search for yours k..hehe..chaiyok2

Faizal and Anna said...

Okay Ili, will see you there! Boleh lepak2 and borak2..He..he..

Pakuteh said...

Faizal and Anna,

Syabas for the write-up. Keep it up.

~zulkis~ said...


This is Zul, your neighbor at bazar@maeps stall 290 (yg beli LP Uji Rashid tu last week). I nak booking 2 lps la, lupa nak habaq.

1. Aleycats (gambar kucing kaler hijau) and 2. Sharifah Aini. Keep both for me. Next week i collect.

~Intan~ said...

This is good write up.
Please let me link it to my blog!!!
Lg 1, i copy gmbar stall i taw...jgn mare...

Syaida said...

Hi Faizal & Ana...
Thank you for this great entry!
Will you be there this coming Saturday (21st Nov.) I'll drop by there insyallah and hope to see both there =))

Faizal and Anna said...

Hi Syaida.. See you there!