Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hversu mikið kostar það? - How much does it cost?

Hi all,

So macamana our story on Iceland? Anybody interested to go? If there is, let us share some tips and our budget for this unbelieveable trip. There are 2 main airlines that we know fly to Iceland: 1). Icelandair (their national carrier) operates from London Heathrow, Glasgow and Manchester. 2). Iceland Express (their budget airline) flies from London Stansted. Do check their promotions from time to time. If you wanna try different experience, opt for July, where there's going to be 24hr daylight (pukul brape pulak nak tidur ni?)

Icelandic AirKeflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandKeflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandKeflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandIcelandic sign
As for us, fly to London with Qatar Airways costs : RM2700 per person
From London to Reykjavik : 350 pound = RM1750 (includes flight, 4 days 3 nights accomodation at 4 Star Hotel, trust us this is the cheapest deal we could get!, Golden Circle Tour, 24hr Welcome Card & Airport Transfer both ways) Not bad, kan?!

Keflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandKeflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandViking ship replicaKeflavik Int'l Airport, IcelandEat Pray Love in IcelandIcelandic book
If you counted, it's going to be RM4450 per person if you want to go straight to Iceland, but hey once you're in London there are so many other places or countries you can go. So take the opportunity to go to other countries in Europe too!

Tips: Bring your own food! Find a hotel/hostels in the middle of the city, so can save on transportation. Or any hotels that have free shuttle.

The Story continues...
Since our story is not finish yet, so I couldn't tell you now how much this whole 18days trip had cost us!

Stay tuned for more! Takk fyrir


deaf-angel said...

fantastic. Salute you guys.

che'Burn@che'Qis said...

18 days????? Wow.

fauzuskamaruddin said...

teruja brul la and of course la interested kak ana&abg faizal...cuma masa dan ongkosnya je blum sedia hahahaa....btw waintin for ur next post

Anonymous said...

am so going there!! hahaha