Monday, October 13, 2008

Nidji - Laskar Pelangi

A new song for the soundtrack of a new movie by Riri Riza (3 hari untuk selamanya, Gie, Kuldesak) is taken from the best selling novel in Indonesia "Laskar Pelangi" by Andrea Hirata. The story is about the struggling of an inspiring teacher and the 10 students for education at SD Muhammadyah school in the poverty-stricken Gantong village, Belitung.

The film & music producer, Mira Lesmana asked the band to "Baca novelnya,Baru nulis lagu". This is for the band to get the inspiration and feel the courage, hope, sad and happiness of the 10 high-spirited students in fight for their better future. Yes, and from the first listen, the song turnout beautifully. Tak sabar rasanya for the movie & soundtrack to be release di Malaysia.

This video clip reminded me of the song "Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder from the movie "Into The Wild". Mungkin secara kebetulan kot.. sebab kedua-duanya diambil dari kacamata seorang backpacker.

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