Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Triumph of P.Ramlee

Another long weekend for us. So Faizal and I will be going to Singapore tonight. We have planned this trip for quite some time but something came up. Last night we sent Kak Hani (Faizal's sister) to the airport, she left for Cardiff, Wales to pursue her PhD. We are really proud of her, and I hope we'll be visiting her some day. (Cardiff, hmmm... never been there before). As for us here, life must go on..

So we decided to go to Singapore for a short trip by train. We're in the midst of discovering a lost spot of our hero, P.Ramlee in Jalan Ampas. We have read on the net saying they will demolish the place to become a commercial area. Despite of blooming economy in Singapore I believe P. Ramlee had made a big contribution to them..., at least to the Shaw family. I still wonder why can't them appreciate him a little bit.

Well, stay tuned for our full report next week.. (Senang cerita selepas kitaorang balik nanti).

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