Monday, March 2, 2009

All that Jazz @ Java Jazz Festival 2009

Sorry guys, busy sikit lately ni... Actually we are in a midst of “bersiap” for our next backpack. This time it’s around Indonesia. (Jakarta – Bandung – Jogyakarta - Surabaya). So, we have to make sure to get things done before the long trip. 

At the same time too, we’re going for the Jakarta International Jazz Festival on 6,7,8 March. This annual jazz festival has been held every early March and this is their 5th edition.. Some of these year line up are Swing out Sister, Oleta Adams, Mike Stern, Jason Mraz, Laura Fygi and many more. There are also from Indonesia jazz artistes like Tompi, Maliq n D’Essentials. Tohpati, Glenn Fredly, Ecoutez and Slank… 

Slank? The Rolling Stones of Indonesia…You must be kidding me!!… Nope... and after I checked it out from their official website, yes... it’s the one and only Slank. Seriously, this is the performances that I’m looking forward to in this 3 days’ event. (A friend told me I’ll be regret to miss Korn at Sunburst KL. I said “Yes, if “Head” and Silveria are still around”.) 

This moment of time, I’m ready to be amused with all that jazz.
*Please click here for more info on Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009.


ekinashikin said...

balik nti upload gmbr baru erk!

Faizal and Anna said...

udah semestinya mbak..!