Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ikhlas Tapi Jauh...

Even we’re counting days on our next backpack trip, our regularly Saturday car boot sales@Maeps activities is always on top of our "not to be missed" list. For us, it’s a fun activity especially when we get a chance to meet new friends and sharing ideas. Wonder what we sell?... Mostly 2nd hand goods, collectibles and also new stuff. We also buy stuff from customer who wanna get rid of their unwanted goods too.

While looking for some collectibles, Faizal found a few stack of his old cassette and vinyl collections at his parents house. Apalagi, mulalah aktiviti browsing dia. Belek sana belek sini (once started it will go on for more than hours). Here he found his precious Zainal Abidin “solo years” collections… (why it’s precious? Cause now, you couldn’t find his full album on sale in any music store in KL).

Zainal Abidin CollectiblesZainal Abidin Collectibles
Little story about Zainal Abidin, after he left the rock band “Headwind”, he released the album “Hijau” in 1991. The album marked his music transition, image & concept (traditional, fusion & percussion) with a more conveying lyrics and message (issue on environmental). The album was slowly making an impact to the music industry especially in the 90’s where rock music conquering Malaysian music scene.

By almost a year, the man and his music started to get notice and reckon by the mass. Songs like “Hijau”, “Inayah”, “Manis” and “Ikhlas tapi Jauh” becomes phenomenal hits. His success spread not only in Malaysia but went as far as Japan. On 25th December 1992, together with his other R.A.P or Roslan Aziz Productions labelmate (Sheila Majid, Azman Warren, Amir Yussof, Afdlin Shauki & the late Zubir Ali) put up a memorable and a historic Ikhlas The Concert at Stadium Merdeka. More than 40,000 people turn up at the concert, enjoying the spirit of love, peace and 1Malaysia.. and till now there is no local concert has been as successful as this.

Ikhlas the Concert CollectiblesIkhlas the Concert CollectiblesIkhlas the Concert CollectiblesIkhlas the Concert Collectibles
His sophomore album, Gamal is also an essential album (great production, sound and musician) but is overshadowed by his controversial Sarawakian image, which spotted at his hairdo and body tattoo. The song may not be as ear friendly like “Hijau” but after a few listen on “Tua”, “Garam”, “Bongkar” and “Pantun?”, you’ll be amazed that this was made by Malaysian.

His last “world music trademark” album “Terang…Sang” was released in 1995 at the peak era of grunge music. Even it’s was a good production, the album missed the midas touch of Roslan Aziz, the man behind “Hijau”, “Gamal” and “Orak Arek”. To see them reunite is impossible at this time but I hope things will get better for both of them. Malaysian music scene needs colour and variety, it’s a sad thing to see their credibility to be wasted.

*Currently uploading songs to our Ipod (including Zainal Abidin songs) for our in-flight entertainment.
What is your 10 “Must Have” song while traveling in-flight?