Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surfing in Paradise...

Hai semua,
Alhamdulillah...kami berdua selamat pulang ke tanahair petang Isnin. Dari airport terus ke klinik..buat check-up. Sah! Doktor kata kitaorang sihat... So far demam..batuk2... tak da la.. Harap2 takde la..kan...

Terima kasih semua kerana sudi doakan kami. Okay nak dengar cerita kan?!

Day 1

Gold Coast Tourist ShuttleOn the shuttle busOn the way to Surf n Sun Beachside BackpackersRoad sign@Surfers ParadiseGold Coast Guide
Surf n Sun Beachside BackpackersSurf n Sun BackpackersSurf n Sun Beachside BackpackersSurf n Sun Beachside BackpackersChecking-in@Surf n Sun
We've landed at Coolangatta Airport around 7.30am in the morning. It was sunny but quite windy. After the immigration, we took the Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle Bus to the hostel (AUD17per person). Not bad! Cheaper than taking a cab. Just let the driver knows where you're going they will take you there! Catch them outside the airport terminal. Sampai je kat hostel, maklumlah awal lagi untuk check in, so we left our bags and ronda-ronda dulu. Actually, Surfers Paradise is not the only beach area around, there are other beach areas such as Broadbeach, Main Beach, Southport etc... I guess we chose Surfers due to its popularity and close to places we wanted to go..Along the Surfers Paradise Blvd, there are a lot of surf shops, souvenir, restaurant, malls but the main area is Cavill Avenue., where Hard Rock Surfers Paradise is located..

Surfers Paradise BlvdSurfers Paradise BlvdSurfers Paradise BlvdHRC Surfers ParadiseSurfers Paradise Blvd
Surfers Paradise BlvdMall@Surfers ParadiseACDC@HRC Surfers ParadiseBook your ticket, now!Tour desk is everywhere
Surfers BeachSurfers BeachSurfers Paradise BeachfrontSurfers Paradise BeachfrontSurfers Paradise Beachfront
After had our breakfast (AUD12) at Gloria Jeans (kalau kat Malaysia, tak masuk ni..), we explored some of the places along the Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Bought our tickets for Movieworld (AUD66.95 per person), kalau kat entrance lebih kurang AUD70. Kat Gold Coast ni banyak theme park, selain Movieworld, ada Dreamworld, Seaworld, White Water World, Australia Outback dan macam-macam la.. Kitaorang pilih satu je sebab nak venture tempat lain pulak this time. Ramai betul orang Asia kat sini, tak rasa sangat kat Australia. After we've check-in, sambung balik jalan-jalan kat tepi beach pulak... Oh! lupa pulak..nama hostelnya Surf n Sun Beachside Backpackers, since we've booked private room, we got our own flat complete with living hall, dining and kitchen. Each flat has two rooms, AUD60 per night per room. Besides that, close to bus stop, convience store and the beach. Had yogurt before dinner time, it was sooooooo delicious sampaikan Faizal yang tak makan yogurt pun bedal la...

Our hostelIn front of our flatInside our roomInside our hostelView from our room
Yogurt, anyone?Yummy!!!!Ozi & Theo's KebabMaharani Restaurant@Surfers Paradise BoulevardMalaysian Restaurant
Since, there're a lot of Asian, finding halal food is not a problem. Maharani Restaurant and Legend Seafood are a few Malaysian restaurants around. Do check them out. For us, we had kebab for our first night dinner....(AUD7 per person). For us, food can be quite pricey here, but the portion is big, so if you guys are not big eater, then can share..But to have a big meal once a day,why not...

Day 2

Where is TX2 bus?Waiting bus to MovieworldEntrance WB Movieworld, GoldcoastEntrance WB Movieworld, GoldcoastEntrance WB Movieworld, Goldcoast
Woke up to catch early bus to Movieworld. Took TX2 bus (AUD4 per person one way), bus stop just walking distance from our hostel. Sampai je kat sana, rupa-rupanya Theme Park buka pukul 10.00am-5.30pm, tapi agaknya ramai jugak dah menunggu, so they let us in half an hour early..Wohuuuuu! Survey dulu..and planned which ride to go first and the rest is history... Although Movieworld is not as big as Disneyworld or Universal but it still kept us moving and grooving... Check those photos! 

Movieworld, Gold CoastMovieworld, GoldcoastGotham City HallMovieworldCowboy Town@Movieworld
Superman RideSuperman RideBatwing Spaceshot RideWild West Falls RideCarousel ride
Scooby Doo Ride"Go ahead punk, make my day"Movieworld Kid's sectionHollywood Stunt Driver ShowWonder Woman@The Parade
Berbekalkan snickers and ice lemon tea.. we spent the whole day there and the best part was we met a couple from Malaysia, Azri and Lin. Apalagi borak punya borak rupa-rupanya diaorang pun stay kat hostel yang sama... 

Having lunch!Movieworld, GoldcoastBatmobile@Movieworld,Gold CoastExit from MovieworldThat's All Folks!
Beachfront Market, Surfers ParadiseBeachfront Market, Surfers ParadiseFaizal, Azri & LinBeachfront Market, Surfers ParadiseBeachfront Market, Surfers Paradise
We spent the rest of the evening together with dinner at the same place but different menu..(Ozi Kebab sedap lagi dari Theo's kebab..he..he..) and The Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, is a must! The market is actually art and craft market but amazing,exploring up to 100 market stalls stretching over half a kilometre of beachfront promenade along Surfers Paradise beach. It has a selection of locally made gift ideas ranging from accessories, crafts, artworks, beauty products, homewares, jewellery and music. The Beachfront Markets are located along The Esplanade between Hanlan Street and Elkhorn Avenue, every Wednesday and Friday from 5.30pm-10.30pm.

Day 3

Carrara Market busCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold Coast
Carrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastWayne's World toys figure
Another market place that we've been to.. This one was better and bigger! Carrara Market, if you think Beachfront market is a must, this one is compulsory. Tempat ni besar, macam-macam benda ada jual, from fresh food to secondhand goods, even entertainment pun ada. I wish one day Bazaar@Maeps will become like this. Tambang nak ke sana pun murah, AUD1 return per person. Just wait at the pickup points. Click here for more info. 

Carrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold Coast
Carrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold Coast
Tagline "Something new around every corner" really suits this market. We couldn't get our eyes off every stall around the place. Kalau boleh semua nak masuk. One more thing, kebab@Uncle Beny (kebab lagi) sedap giler especially Vege Falafel kebab...Yummy!!! 

After spent almost 5 hours (5hours???!), we headed back to our hostel, and went out again to QDeck, to check out top of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower in one of the world’s fastest elevators. Less than 43seconds to 77th floor..Laju tu.. From here, we've experienced the 360 degree Gold Coast views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond. Kalau kat Malaysia ala-ala KL Tower. Admission AUD19 per person. After 8pm, admission is AUD10 tapi the place turn to be a night club.

Entrance to QDeckView from QDeck, Surfers ParadiseOn top of 77th floor, QDeckOn top of 77th floor, QDeckI was here
Cari idea ke?!I've been to Gold CoastUs@QDeckStepping on QDeckSunset view from QDeck
Day 4

After check-out, we left our bags at the Surfers Paradise Bus Station@Beach Road before headed to Sydney. Yes,..we supposed to travel by train, due to some suggestions made by local, we decided to take a bus to Sydney. Seksanya sama je..16 hours!!!! Actually, travel by train pun boleh cuma we have to take bus from Surfers to Casino, and from Casino to Sydney by train. Kalau nak lagi senang, naik flight tapi kena book lagi awal kalau tak harganya mahal cuma less hassle... Anyway, we had fun too.. and back pain...

Surfers Paradise Bus StationSurfers Paradise Bus StationSurfers Paradise Bus StationCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold Coast
Carrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold CoastCarrara Market, Gold Coast
Sementara tunggu bas pukul 5.30pm, sempat lagi ke Carrara Market, sebab Faizal happy sangat dapat browse his things.. Jenuh pikul vinyl dalam backpack.. Had our lunch+dinner at Fishnet@Circle on Cavill. Price ok, portion besar, AUD20 for two. Last minute shopping kat Surfers Paradise Blvd.. Around 5.00pm, headed back to bus station for our next stop, Sydney.

Circle@CavillFish 'N Chips @ FishnetNerang RiverRoad Sign@Surfers ParadiseCavill Avenue

Surfers Paradise Bus Station
As for us, Surfers Paradise is more for fun, relaxing and family oriented kind of place. But then, we still had a great time and what else can you ask more than sunny beaches in winter! 


Ili Saharudin said...

good to know u guys are back safely~ just to share, actly keep u guys kuarantin for three days. tak terdedah sgt nanti.
p/s: suke your entry.

fauzuskamaruddin said...

salam sis anna and abg faizal,

welcome a new reader of ur blog.....seriously saya mmg kagum that u guys can do all these things..being backpacking... i always wanted to do this...since student lagi...selalu berangan dgn my friends....but since we are student that time duit pun tk berapa byk..,taravel pon dekat2 parents..u know la kan...risau...and kept thinking that we will sure do this bila dah kerja dah ada duit...skrng dh kerja ada duit dh kawin dah pon ada anak ahahahahha....harapan je la...kwn2 suma dh sibuk....tapi MEMAMG BERHARAP dapt buat one day..backpaking dgn anak sekali hahahah sounds great tp cam susah....

love to read all ur post....all are interesting...looking fowrd to read next post abt Aussie...

keep backpacking ya! take care....

Along said...

Last time I went to Coast was 6 years ago. Now dah tambah 2 anak, teringin nak pi lagi. Maybe next year when the baby is one year old.
So happy you guys had fun and the pictures are great. Welcome back home!!

Faizal and Anna said...

Thank you so much guys...

Ili, we'll keep that in mind..

Don't worry you'll get your chance one day, Fauzus. Bawak anak pun apa salahnya..

Yes, Gold Coast is a wonderful place for family. Harap2 next year H1N1 ni dah reda sikit...

By the way, Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa.

ekinashikin said...

fauzuskamaruddin said...

haluuu,,,when is the next post psl and melbourne...x sbr nk baca ni :) heee