Monday, September 14, 2009

John + Paul + George + Ringo = The Beatles

The Beatles 09.09.09 Remastered
I remember my first time listening to The Beatles when I was in Standard Four. When my father was playing The Beatles vinyl, it didn’t catch my interest till I heard the song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”. He introduced me to the band and more about John, Paul, George & Ringo.

From that song, I started developing my interest in The Beatles (and lots of other music genre too), learn to appreciate collectibles and reading on music book and magazine, which I found useful whenever I go travel…

Now after almost 40 years from their last album and breakup, The Beatles once again create a Beatlemania to the old & new generation of fans. The band released the new Remastered & Rediscovered cd’s. on Sept 9, 2009 which is available in stereo & mono. Mono…? That’s really a classic.

The Beatles 09.09.09 RemasteredThe Beatles 09.09.09 RemasteredThe Beatles 09.09.09 RemasteredThe Beatles 09.09.09 RemasteredThe Beatles 09.09.09 Remastered
Not to be missed this excitement, I went to the launching of the Remastered album in Bandar Utama on 9 Sept 09, and at 9.09am, the album was released for fans and customers to buy. I bought the Abbey Road album, which is my favourite. (ingat nak beli semua tapi budget tak cukup…hehe) From the album cover/inlay to the sound quality, everything was improved and it is definitely worth a buy… and collected!

Studio@Abbey Road
I hope that one day, I’ll get a chance to go to Liverpool and experience the place where all the magic started. So far, I’ve managed to travel to Abbey Road Studio, London and The John Lennon Museum at Saitama, Japan. (read my earlier post….). But I missed to visit the Dakota Apartment in NYC (where John Lennon was murdered) and his Imagine monument in Central Park (this park is huge..!). This is the fun part when you do your own research and backpack, which some of the travel packages don't provide. It may not be a big deal to some people but to me, it’s a very priceless moment as a Beatles fan and from the day I’ve known them..

Abbey RoadAbbey Road CrossingThe Beatles MemorabiliaBeatles memorabiliaJohn Lennon Museum

The Beatles 09.09.09 Remastered
*If you are looking for more Beatles collectibles, checkout my friend’s blog Nazmin at (Helter-Skelter). He also open his stall in Amcorp Mall Flea Market every Sunday at 2’nd floor. (opposite The Singing Shop).


tepe.. said...

awesome!! yeah a i like ur backpacking activity, and i love this post.. hmmm i already fund gathering to go there (livpool).. nice to found this blog.. salam kenal..

Faizal and Anna said...

Salam kenal Tepe, if you have plan to go to Liverpool, try to squeeze into the Beatles Weeks. It would be fun and worthwhile!