Monday, July 5, 2010

To own The A-Team van

Not sure if you've noticed this, but half of this year's blockbuster movies are either a remake, a sequel, a comic superheroes or based from a popular tv series. The most interesting is the big screen adaptation from year 80’s to 90’s. How I’m glad to be grew up in these beautiful years.

Recently I went to watch the big screen adaptation from one of my favourite tv shows in the 80’s, The A-Team. Since it's has been showing for about a month, so panggung tak penuh sangat la. But lots of youngster choose to watch The Karate Kid. (Another remake movies from the 80’s. Missed the chemistry between Mr. Miyagi & Daniel san.. Btw, where’s Ralph Macchio now..?).

The A-Team movie posterThe classic A-Team toys & vanThe classic A-Team vanThe classic A-Team toys & vanThe classic A-Team van

My Proton Juara
Back to The A-Team, seriously what made me really wanted to watch it because I really love the series. Love all the 4 characters and enlisted Howling Mad Murdoch on my top list. Love the black GMC van. (That’s why I'm proud to own the Black Proton Juara van..) and not to forget, the theme song.

I’m not a movie critic to judge the movie. I guess the film does justice to the original and at the same time adapting to the current blockbuster guideline. I like Joe Carnahan previous movies (Narc, Smokin’ Aces) but until they plan for the sequel, at the meantime I’ll stick to the original tv series.

*My parents tak berapa galakkan beli toys ini sebab zaman tu harganya agak mahal. But I insisted of buying it using my own “duit belanja sekolah” and I guess, it’s worth it..


che'Burn@che'Qis said...

A-Team rawks!!

undomesticwifey said...

omygawd....the toys!!!

pandai jaga. macam brand kalau nak jual sekarang, jadi berkali ganda kot harga dia kan..

deaf_angel said...

mula2 start wayang, dalam hati aku, mesti weak la ni movie, takkan boleh celen the tv series zaman dulu tu

sekali ah, giler2 ah semua..Liam Neeson was great

Faizal and Anna said...

BurnQis, love when the plan comes together!

Undomesticwifey, Rasanya tak jual kot. memang sayang toys ni. Btw, Hannibal dah M.I.A..

Deaf, semua dah ok tp new version punya van yang kureng!.. Apa2pon Murdoch mmg rawks..!