Friday, October 22, 2010

P.Pinang - Jalan Ampas - Kuala Lumpur

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Wow! Such a long time not to update the blog. Not to find another excuses, I would like to share our thoughts before our big trip. (Trip?Where?) Let's hold that thought.

After I watched ending credit of Gran Torino, last acting role for Clint Eastwood. Suddenly came across my mind, how P. Ramlee wanted so much to become director & producer at the same time. Unfortunately it was just a dream for him. Don't we miss a very talented & gifted human being passed away with his big dreams, do we?

It is true, life is too short for everyone, knowing that we had a chance to visit his house in Penang recently. This time we did it differently, we stayed at Tabung Haji Bayan Lepas. Not bad for those who're travel by plane because Penang Airport just 2km away from here. We attended a wedding in the same building the next day so on the day we arrived, we took a ride by bus to town.

Kompleks Tabung Haji, Bayan LepasKompleks Tabung Haji, Bayan LepasKompleks Tabung Haji, Bayan LepasInside our room @ TAHAView from our room.
BudgetCouple @ The WeddingFuh!!! Sampai licin...Bride & GroomAt the weddingAt the wedding
To tell the truth, to travel domestic is actually very adventerous. But anyway, we survived to get to town after almost 2hours ride from the hotel. (Plus bad traffic & long route) Penang never fails to impress us with the food. We had lunch at the Chowrasta Market (our favourite spot for makan), I had tauhu goreng & cucur udang plus cendol from "Air Dinding"(is what my dad calls that place). Air Dinding has been there for more than 50 years, and now is run by the third(maybe) generation.The best part is the TASTE is still the same.

Reading the map...Inside Rapid PenangLookout for Free Shuttle...Penang RoadKomtar Pulau Pinang
Chowrasta Market Pulau PinangChowrasta Market Pulau PinangMakan @ Chowrasta MarketAir Dinding @ Chowrasta MarketMakan @ Chowrasta Market
Don't you ever take taxi in Penang unless you have to. It's ridicilious and cekik darah! That is our Biggest problem in Malaysia. We never had any for that. I wonder how? why? Since we're in a rush, we had to take taxi from Penang Road to Jalan P.Ramlee just to get in time for Rumah P.Ramlee. Tak sampai 5 minit, tempat tu dah nak tutup. Yelah kitaorang pun sampai dah lambat. Sempat lah..posing ambil gambar.

Rumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangNak tutup daa...!
Rumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.PinangRumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee @ P.Pinang

Buku-buku P.Ramlee
So far, dari Studio Jalan Ampas, Singapore ke Rumah P.Ramlee in KL and Rumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee in Penang, we feel P.Ramlee will always be remembered forever. Just wondering why can we have "him" totally. We still have to depend on Shaw Brothers for his "right". Don't forget to catch "Exclusive" interview with P.Ramlee on History Channel, 31 Oct 9.00pm. You won't regret it!

Looking at Clint Eastwood, do you think P.Ramlee will be like him if he's still alive? Like people say, "Only the goods die young" Stay with us again as we will reveal our destinations for our next trip which just around the corner.

Bye for now!

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