Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's in the Backpack..?

Hmm.. rasanya lama juga dah tak update blog ni. Both of us pun kindda busy for the last few weeks. Time macam nilah rasanya seronok kalau ada laptop. Bolehlah update, surf & hangout dimana-mana tempat yang ada WiFi, specially di Starbuck or Kopitiam. But since it hasn't reach our top 10 wish list, we'll keep it for later.

Ok, let's continue with the story as one of our readers was asking on how to pack a backpack. Here you go...

Things to be packed!Beg Packing

Toiletries Bag
Normally, we'll check on days of trip and destination. If it's a week or more, bigger bag is needed and less clothes to bring. (We normally do the laundry to avoid stack of dirty clothes or else, we just buy a new one.. shoppinglah apa lagi). Yup! that's what backpack is all about, less is more. Space is needed for other stuff like toiletries bag, slippers, poncho, electrical stuff (travel adapter, phone & camera charger) and our travel scrabble... hehe. (Btw... We used Deuter Traveller 70 & a Karrimor Backpack). We recommend you guys have daypack which is attachable to the big backpack. So easy to carry for daily adventure or sightseeing. One more thing, we prefer to use cargo bag to check in. Meaning pack all together our backpacks into one bag. Easy and manageable.

Spencer Street, MelbourneAround Kebun Raya,Bogor
How to squeeze everything in?.. The tips, Rolled up your clothes and put it in nicely.. that's how we do it. (Anna really good at this "bab kemas mengemas"... Thumbs up!).

Now you know the tips. So guys, start your backpack and let's go traveling.

*In midst of planning our next trip, which will probably start again next year. Wanna clue...?


joe said...

thanks for the tip esp bab roll baju tu.. ;-)

Onetrg07 said...

wahh...kalian balas komen sy..thanks..suka nya...korang mmg inspirasi sy lah...korang cute and handsome..he2..thanks.. ;)

Faizal and Anna said...

Hey Joe, no worries bro..! Sama2 kita berkongsi tips.

Thanks Onetrg07 sebab jadikan kami your inspiration. Cute dan handsome.. hehe.. kami di awangan skrg.

fauzuskamaruddin said...

salam sis ana & bro faizal,

hobestly saya dh bpe kali bace ausie trip...10x ade kot...insyaallah saya nak buat gak next year tak tau bile...yg penting before irfan turns 2 if not flite ticket dh x jd harga infant eheh...xpun travel sumehwere abroad ke...

Faizal and Anna said...

Hi Fauzus, thanks byk2 sebab jadikan our aussie trip as your guide & inspiration. Memang kena pergi ni tapi jgn lupa buat your own research too.