Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bercanda di Pantai...Hospital.

Monday blues is coming again tomorrow after 6days of resting at home. I just had a minor surgery on my left shoulder last Tuesday. Alhamdullilah... nothing serious but still I have to make sure jaga diri baik2.

For me and Faizal, spending 2 days 1 night at the hospital was the most expensive "vacation" we ever had. RM4550 in total was a bit over the top, but good health is my top priority. Lucikly I was covered by insurance. No wonder most people nowadays are willingly to pay quite amount of money for their medical insurance. You guys dah ada insurans? Baguslah kalau ada, medical fee is not getting any cheaper now...(especially kalau travel, insurans penting!) Don't worry, kitaorang tak jual insurans, just a reminder!

Well, cukup pasal hospital harap-harap lepas ni, kita semua jaga kesihatan baik-baik. No point of having big bucks if you're not fit enough to enjoy it! As you guys probably being informed earlier, this weekend Singapore will be our next destination. This time, we have surprise for all our beloved followers/readers, but you guys have to wait until we get back from Singapore.

Stay tuned and thank you.


Onetrg07 said...

sian kak anna,harap2 cepat sembuh yerk..

Along said...

Get well soon Anna!! Blog about your travel to Singapore soon. With lots of pics.

Faizal and Anna said...

Thank you Onetrg07 & Along. Mudah-mudahan dengan doa you all, cepatlah Anna sembuh. InsyaAllah.. nak jalan-jalan ni, kena cepat baik..He..he..

Anonymous said...

kak Anna~get well soon...ili tau nape u guys nak ke Singapore..nak tgu dan lihat ..btol x tekaan ili nanti..hehehehe..
ps: agreed about the insurans..medical bills are getting higher.sgt menakutkan..hohoho